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Address: Foshan city Chancheng District Huaxia Ceramics Expo City Tao Bo Road
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      KADIPOLO ceramics is a large modern ceramic Rustic tiles production enterprise located in  Foshan city , which sets scientific research, development, production, sales and diversification in one.
      Since its inception, the company always adheres to the brand strategy. With great vision, look far ahead from a high plane of a solid strength of enterprises, successfully hand in hand with world famous glaze enterprises realize the optimization and upgrading of the products. In production, integrated experience and professional wisdom and management internationalization, invested heavily in the introduction of the latest second generation in Italy imported inkjet ceramic printer, the successful production of new types of "5D" products. Actively innovates product technical, have laid a solid foundation for building reliable, environmental protection, high standard and high quality products. In marketing strategy, uses the accurate policy of market as the guide, set production sales, successfully introduced KADIPOLO wood blocks and high-end Rustic tiles products to the market. Thanks to such a high quality products and perfect strategy, the company's products have been welcomed by consumers and dealers.
      Looking to the future, relying on strong scale strength, innovative research and development ability, strict management, advanced production equipment, superior product quality and excellent service system, KADIPOLO ceramics will create selves to become an excellent ceramics brand which with both excellent product quality and colorful artistic characteristics.